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Tutoring Center Topics

Tutoring Topics

I. DC Theory Math

a. Basic

i.Math Concepts:

  1. Units of measure
  2. Prefixes
  3. Unit conversions
  4. Using variables and writing algebraic expressions
  5. Order of operations
  6. Associative and distributive properties

ii. Circuit Analysis:

  1. Resistance, current, voltage, and power in Series and Parallel DC circuits
  2. Voltage & current dividers

b. Advanced

i.Math Concepts:

  1. Fractions
  2. Ratios, rates, and proportions
  3. Distribution and factoring

ii. Circuit Analysis:

  1. Resistance, current, voltage, and power in combination with DC circuits
  2. 3-Wire single-phase systems
  3. Real-world DC circuit problems

I. AC Theory Math

a. Basic

i.Math concepts:

  1. Scientific notation
  2. Roots and exponents
  3. Vector analysis
  4. Sine waves, period, frequency, peak, average, effective, and RMS values
  5. RC and LC time constants

ii. Circuit analysis:

  1. Inductive reactance and capacitive reactance
  2. PEIR in single-type component (R, L, or C) series, parallel, and combination circuits

b. Advanced

i.Math concepts:

  1. Trigonometry
  2. Analyzing multiple vectors and sine wave representations on the same graph

ii. Circuit analysis:

  1. PEIR in multiple-type component (RL, RC, RLC, or LC) series and parallel circuits
  2. Leading and lagging power factor


a. First Half

i.Chapter 1 – General

ii. Chapter 2 – Wiring & Protection

iii. Chapter 3 – Wiring Methods & Materials

iv. Chapter 4 – Equipment for General Use

b. Second Half

i.Chapter 5 – Special Occupancies

ii. Chapter 6 – Special Equipment

iii. Chapter 7 – Special Conditions

iv. Chapter 8 – Communication Systems

v. Chapter 9 - Tables


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