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NAME = Anthy 

I have known Dave since I started instructing in 2012. His wisdom, charisma, and humor will be sorely missed. When I needed to understand a deeper level of a difficult topic, I knew I could ask Dave and he'd make it seem so simple and entertaining to understand. He loved teaching. He gave people the encouragement they needed to tackle any topic. He would speak about Beanie the chicken, from a video clip where the chicken would play a simple tune on a keyboard. He'd say that since you could teach a chicken to play the piano, anyone could learn about AC theory. Gosh, he was so funny. It is difficult to relay how humorous it would come off. Dave and I enjoyed sharing with each other the daily lives of our beloved pets. He would take time during breaks to show me what his English Bulldog Bentley was doing at that moment on a webcam at his doggie daycare.

Other times he would relay details about the trips to the dog beach. Dave was a huge animal lover. His heart was large and drew him to volunteerism. He shared his time with an English Bulldog rescue, as well as with the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus, where he would tutor applicants on the math and mechanical reasoning skills they need to pass their entrance exams.
I could always count on Dave to give me his honest opinion on any subject. He had strong convictions because he had a very strong sense of self. There are very few people that I know who have such independent thinking, and I look up to that. Dave was a leader. He leaves a large hole at the ETI, he was part of this place, he was family. Dave, you are missed. We are all grateful to have known you.

NAME = Levi
 I will remember Dave Wenderlich with much respect. He valued the importance of education and paving the way for the future of Local 11.

By teaching new members the theory, science, and mechanics of our field he allowed many to grow and surpass many obstacles. Thank You Dave for your integrity and your Instructions.

NAME = Carlos

Great instructor. Sorry to have lost a great teacher. My condolences to his family and friends.

NAME = Don

I was very blessed to know and have Dave as a brother, friend, and mentor for a long time. I know he could be a little tough on apprentices and fellow IBEW brothers sometimes (aren’t we all).

When I worked at ETI he was always sure to take the time to reach out and give a verbal hug and real one if he stopped for a moment. Dave loved God, his family, and the IBEW.

I know He made me a better person! And I know he made everyone he came in touch with Better!! I’m sorry I didn’t take 5 Frickin minutes to call you back the last time you called? sorry, brother.

I’ll continue to pray for your Wife and Family and look forward to hugging you on the other side if you stop long enough. GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR FAMILY and GOD BLESS THE IBEW??

Don Ferryman, IBEW Brother, and Friend. 

NAME = Benjamin
 Dave! thank you for all your contributions to this local and the endless hours of your personal time you spent giving back to old and new members. For me personally, you changed my life in the second year of my apprenticeship in the DC Theory class, you are personally responsible for me taking my career to the next level. I’m on behalf of me and all my classmate's rest in peace you will always be remembered and missed... Benjamin R Frank 7647129 JW Inside wireman

NAME = Justin
What a great loss this is! David was a fantastic instructor that truly felt the importance of giving back to the next generation of brothers and sisters. He is a great example for not only the instructors but all members to follow. He will be missed.


NAME = Dennis
David always showed his interest in promoting the electrical industry by training the students to go out and do their best as qualified union members.

not just a job but a calling to be a good instructor to teach students to learn the trade and pay it forward. He will be missed.

NAME = Salvador
Good instructor and always had jokes to lighten up the day. You're going to be missed brother.

NAME = Luis
We had him for a few classes second year and third year and in third-year classes, he was very inspirational to me he really instilled that feeling of being proud of being in this Union and what it means to be part of it,

and I've never forgotten how that made me feel may you rest in peace and God be with you my brother

 Dave was one of the ones that actually really wanted me to make it I was the oldest APPRENTICE in my class and he would take the

time to let me know where I went wrong and then he would give you his famous line... 

"just walk away"

NAME = Chris
 I had Dave “The Truth” for 1-1, and I am super thankful to have been one of his students. He made that week of class fun and he prepared us for the future.

He gave great insight and made sure that everyone was on the same page.

He was a man that truly loved his job and his family. He will surely be missed.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

NAME = Gabriel
 Dave was one of our best and favorite instructors.

I can still hear him say is famous lines like “walk away brother” or “five points”.

RIP Dave thank you for your being a great instructor.

NAME = Fernando
Had David as an instructor every year in my apprenticeship. He was a stand-up guy. One of my hardest instructors but my favorite.

He loved to teach, give us a hard time but passed on his wisdom. Always had a funny story to tell. I Will miss seeing him around at events.

Rip brother. 

NAME = Steve
 My deepest condolences to the family Wenderlich was one of the greatest teachers I had the honor to learn from even though he was stuff he did it for a reason,

his favorite line was “ No” in a funny way people that knew that word “NO” made everyone laugh.

I’m shocked to hear this news. I know the lord has him in his kingdom will truly be missed.

A real Raider fan. RAIDER NATION this game is for you DAVID WENDERLICH R.I.P

NAME = Erik
 "Pencils down and walk away"

NAME = Colonious
Dave was an excellent instructor. I remember going to Saturday classes to prep for the entrance exam and he was always helpful.

Dave would always say, after getting and understanding your work...walk away brother.

My Condolences to the Family ??

NAME = Kyung
Did not know the brother, nonetheless, it is always sad to see a brother or sister go.

Condolences to the family, I wish them well.

NAME = Timothy
David Wenderlich was my favorite instructor at the ETI. I admired his dedication to providing an amazing learning experience for his students.

I’ll never forget his jokes and the way he made his class laugh.

I will always remember him through my career as a Union Electrician.

I imagine him arriving in heaven and saying “let there be light”.

Take care, David. See you around.

NAME = Levi
I will remember Dave Wenderlich with much respect. He valued the importance of education and paving the way for the future of Local 11.

By teaching new members the theory, science, and mechanics of our field he allowed many to grow and surpass many obstacles.

Thank You Dave for your integrity and your Instructions. 

NAME = Brian 

Thank you for being a great instructor. We all appreciate you.

Rest In Paradise

NAME = Ben
As a fellow instructor I can say that Dave was a pillar at the ETI, and arguably the best full-time instructor here. He was passionate about teaching and vocal about improving conditions for the students as well as the instructors. I learned a ton about classroom management from Dave, and he knew more about the day-school curriculum than probably anyone else at the ETI.

The unexpected nature and circumstance of his death have had a tremendous effect on many instructors and are a sobering reminder of the fragility of our fleeting lives. I wish I could tell Dave how much I valued him while he was still with us. In my heart, I feel he knew, but I wish I could say it to him now and he could hear it.

There is truly no replacement for Dave, and no shortage of tears shed for his tragic end.

NAME = Jerry
I worked with Dave for 10 years at least at the ETI. As a co-worker, he was tops. I learned from him every day. A harder working instructor has never been born. He was organized, knowledgeable, strict, compassionate, caring, funny, loving, and more. I have so many fun memories. Our casual breakroom banter made the day fun. We would talk football, tech, Union stuff, dogs, family, food, and he had a grip of standard jokes and stories. We liked to rib each other in a brotherly way. He was ALWAYS the first guy here every morning. Conversely, we always competed to and on the freeway to see who could get to the 605 freeway first.

Not seeing his big Dodge truck with his signature "walkaway" license plates in the parking lot each morning leaves a hole in my heart as empty as that parking spot. Thousands of brothers and sisters benefitted from his teachings, and he was so proud to do it. Please keep Dave's family and your thoughts. This is a tremendous loss for them, as well as his union family. I'll miss you, big brother. 

NAME = Shomari
Dave Winderlich was a Fun loving and giving man. He was my knots instructor and was so much fun that it didn't feel like a class! He would later volunteer for FREE, his time on every 3rd SATURDAY to teach tutoring to new applicants as outreach into our L.A. County community to help new applicants pass the Entrance Exam. This enabled IBEW LOCAL 11 to Organize to municipalities and School Districts and showed IBEW LOCAL 11's real commitment to outreach to diverse communities and get the MOST PLA'S IN ALL OF IBEW INTERNATIONALLY!! He was a GEM and I will miss my amazing conversations about Football and LIFE!! rest in Paradise Dave.. I hope I am worthy to see you again on the other side up high in the Clouds.

NAME = Wilfredo

MEMORY = My God has it in his glory to Mr. David, and to the family strength in the holy spirit Amen. 

NAME = Charles
Dave inspired many of us to get involved, participate, and become stronger brothers and sisters.

His confidence in the classroom and command of the subjects will always inspire me to become a better instructor as well.

I'll always be thankful for his knowledge and advice. He is really missed.

NAME = Manny
Dave and I taught together at the ETI. He and I often chatted and shared our knowledge with each other and I have always enjoyed having him as my brother.

I can honestly say that he was a true brother in every way.

He always supported me in all of my ventures in this Awesome Brotherhood, and I always supported him.

What an Amazing Brother!!!!! 

NAME = Quincey
Your wisdom, wit, and passion for teaching will always be remembered. REST WELL!!!

NAME = Alton
 David was my first instructor at the ETI during my boot camp. And I remember being very intimidated by him. I was like this dude is tough as hell. And then I had him for a few regular classes and realize man this dude is a big teddy bear lol. David really cared about the Sisters and Brothers of the IBEW and it showed in his actions. He volunteered for years mentoring applicants that were trying to get into the IBEW. With his family by his side, he was at as many events as he could with EWMC, LAEWA, RENEW, and others. He's donated money, prizes, time, amongst other things to various clubs/groups of the IBEW. Dave is one of the most solid Brothers I know in the IBEW, and he has definitely been one of the key mentoring factors in my career that has gotten me to where I am today.

David Winderlich you will truly be missed Brother.

Alton Wilkerson Card# 7646570 

NAME = Natalie
 I used to always see Dave in meetings. He always had a great attitude and spirit. When I had my interview for the apprenticeship, he and Shomaris were the ones to interview me. He was one of the many I dedicate my hard work at my job and school. Thank you Dave for giving me a shot, I will continue to not let you down.

May your soul rest in paradise.

NAME = Tom
 Where do I start....this gentleman and I crossed paths from Day 1 in my adventurous career in the IBEW. He was the 1st JW I worked with on my 1st day!! Always the joker..he packed up his tools, and took them out to his truck, saying" we'll break yours in!!" I was very impressed that he found his niche teaching, truly his forte. We worked for the same shop as foremen several years after our 1st meeting, and his guidance steered some massive projects to their finale. I recall once, on a multi-year project, he started a " Wholesale House Goof " Board. At the cumulation of 3 years, he calculated that EVERY wholesaler we used messed up an even % to the others!! Way too young to pass Brother, like you, retired from the field only 1 year ago, and that was not enough time to enjoy your "Golden Years".

My Deepest Sympathies to your entire family, God Bless, and RIP...

In Loving Memory of David Wenderlich

1954 - 2021

ETI Instructor for 27 yrs 

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