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Online Applications are Here

After much testing and refining we are pleased to announce the ETI Online Application is available now.
Click here to go to the application.

If you have already applied but failed the entrance exam, please submit an email to let us know you wish to retest.
In the email be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone number and the last four of your SSN. Again include all information listed above.
Click here to submit your email for retest.

What Is Apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeship is a well organized and supervised method which industries use to train people with little or no prior knowledge of a craft or trade, to become capable, qualified craftsmen or journeymen. It is an "earn while you learn program". The "on the job" portion of the training is a full time, well paid job.
  • The apprentices are employed workers. They have a contract which includes regular wage increases and diversified training.
  • You are paid good wages while you learn.
  • You will gain experience using the most modern practices.
  • You will work under the direction of a competent journeyman who will teach you the trade in the shop and at the job site. You will receive close personal attention.
  • You will attend evening classes a minimum of six hours each week to receive technical instruction related to the job. This is one reason for high academic entrance requirements.
  • Your work experience reports, school grades, and attendance will be reviewed by the JATC before each wage increase is granted. (Satisfactory progress results in automatic wage increases.)
  • An opportunity to become a member of the most respected and progressive Union in the Building Construction Trades: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (lBEW).
  • The opportunity to "earn" a journey level status and certification which is recognized throughout the United States. This journeyman ticket is security for yourself and your family for life!

Five Year Program
The apprenticeship program consists of five years of classroom related study at night. Each apprentice attends a minimum of 160 hours of schooling each of the five years of the apprenticeship. The classes are held at the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees facilities. The classroom related study, coupled with at least 8000 on the job training hours, is a time proven method of graduating a skilled and competent journey level Electrician.

Job Description
The Electrical Construction Trade requires physical effort on the part of the apprentice to do ladder and scaffold climbing, pulling, crawling, crouching, working in cramped or confined quarters and the lifting of 25 to 50 pound objects on a fairly constant schedule. The individual must possess the comprehensive ability to follow specific instructions. Depending on the job, the work may be performed either indoors or outdoors with the major portion of duties being indoors, semi-sheltered, or unfinished buildings.

Future - How Far Can The Apprentice Go?

  • Apprenticeship in the Electrical Construction industry is not a "blind alley" occupation. The apprentice's ability and ambition are the only limiting factors.
  • Apprentices can continue working as Journeymen. Wages and job security for the highly skilled and qualified are increasing.
  • With experience and study, they can become a foreman, superintendent or contractor.
  • They may become a contractor and own their own business. Many of our contractors started their careers as apprentices.
  • There is an increasing demand for Journeymen who are skilled in the installation and maintenance of automatic controls, including industrial electronic circuitry. The apprentice will receive intensive training in these areas.
  • They may qualify themselves for special work with the city, county, state, and federal governments.
  • They may advance to positions of responsibility in their union. There is a great need for excellent union leadership. Union leadership is earned through study, hard work, long hours, experience, service, and a sincere respect for others.
  • They may specialize in labor-management relations.

We Are Selective

  • We are seeking men and women of all races who demonstrate the best characteristics, aptitude, motivation and personality traits conducive to success in our trade. All qualified candidates are interviewed by employers and union representatives in an effort to select the best candidates.
  • A good candidate is one with a record of having done well in school, especially in math and science, one who has demonstrated reliability and a sincere desire to succeed and one who has a positive attitude and desire to work hard.
  • Don't be influenced by those who see the electrical construction trade as an occupation requiring only a strong back and a weak mind. The electrical trades are becoming more technical each day.

With Apprenticeship There Is A Proud Heritage
Apprenticeship is one of the finest opportunities ever offered to anyone anywhere. It should be treated as such. It is granted only to those who are the very best and most worthy. It is a great opportunity to be selected for the apprenticeship. All who are accepted for apprenticeship should understand that they are indebted to an industry which is devoted to their well being. Their respect and loyalty will be to those Journeymen who teach them the trade, the contractors who pay their wages, and to the customers they serve.

IBEW-NECA Completion Rate
Over 94 percent of our apprentices complete the program and have meaningful careers as highly paid journeymen electrical workers. This success rate is virtually unmatched in the electrical industry and testifies to our personal commitment to you.

Government Approved
Our program is registered with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Veteran's Administration. Veteran benefits are available if you qualify.

Equal Opportunity Employers
Applicants will be selected based on the highest qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Both males and females are encouraged to make an application.

Terms Used
Journeyman, craftsman, wireman, and lineman are terms used to identify levels of competency, not sex. Females completing apprenticeship are proud of their journey level status in the electrical industry.

Apprenticeship Program Specifications - Qualifications / Wages / How to Apply
Inside Wireman
Transportation Systems
Intercommunication and Sound Industry

ETI Apprenticeship Applications
Online application submission will begin mid Spring 2014.
The written exam will be scheduled after the online application process. Each applicant will be sent an email with instructions prior to the exam. Oral interviews will be scheduled for those who pass the exam.
If you need further information please call 323-221-5881.

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam January 2020
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguilar, Francisco
Almaraz Briones, Miguel A.
Ashby, Raymond W.
Badalian, Sean
Barard, Sean
Bautista, Jennifer
Burke, Marcia
Camacho, Javeir J.
Campbell, Cody
Cervantes, Johan
Clark, Michael
De Leon, Aaron
Delgado, Andres
Dominguez, Brianna
Dunkleberger, Aaron
Duran, Charles
Franco, Sean
Garcia, Eduardo
Grageda, Steven
Hannan, Ariq B.
Hayes, Alvin
Hernandez, Jordan
Howe, Steve M.
Irwin, Shane
Jovanelly, Nicholas
Kao, Joshua
Kortscheff, Andrei
Kwan, Garrick M.
Li, Xing
Lopez, Alexander
Lopez, Jeffrey
Lucero, Eric
Mandujano, Gualberto
Marquez, Matthew
Mayorga, Alejandro
Montiel, Andy
Mora, Noe
Murga, Adrian
Nadigoo, Jonathan
Olivares, Ricardo
Paniagua, Jaime M.
Perez, David
Quezada, Marcos
Redondo, David
Rickley, Ryan D.
Robles, Mario
Ruano, Steven N.
Sanchez, Humberto
Sato, Drew
Shao, Russell
Sok, Aaron
Tsuda, Aaron
Van Essen, Travis
Vara Jr., Ricardo
Virgen, Ricardo
Washington, De’Andre
Wyser, Samuel P.

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam December 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Acosta, Antonio
Aguilar Jimenez, Aura E.
Almaraz, Michael
Alvarez, Armando
Andrade, Paula
Arana, Albert
Arias II, Raul
Ascha, Alex
Banuelos, Hugo
Bennett, Kobe
Brookfield, Byron
Burnette, David S.
Bustos, Francisco
Carbajal, Lorenzo J.
Castorena, Raymond
Cerna, Pablo
Chavez, Javier
Conrekas, Michael A.
Cordero, Kevin A.
Delgado, Esteban
Duenas, Roberto
Everhart, Alan C.
Fahim, Anthony
Frausto, Jose
Freeman, Eric
Garcia, Fernando
Gillum, Chad
Greenwood, Ethan D.
Guevara, Dario
Harper, Kyle
Hernandez, Andrew
Hicks, Kerry D.
Hinojosa, Carina
Hwang, Insung
Jones, Christopher M.
Kim, Frank
Larita, Alexander
Latta, Andrew
Lee, Kingsley
Lopez, Luis M.
Marchese, Joshua
Marroquin, Edgar
Martin, Joseph
Martinez, Daniel
Martinez, Kevin
Martinez, Marco
Medrano, Cristian
Melendez, Jose
Melendez, Kevin
Mena, Leonardo
Menendez, Edwin
Metry, Sam
Miranda, Jose
Mora Cardenas, Victor
Mulvihill, Michael
O’Brien, Jesse
Padilla, Tranquilino
Palacios, Sergio
Parra, Rosalina
Paulsen, Ryan
Pena, Ivan
Pomierski, Timothy
Ramirez, Alvaro
Ramirez, Fernando
Ramirez, George
Ramos, Alejandro
Ratnaransy, Simon
Raya-Martinez, Jose F.
Reyes, Jessy
Rivas, Javier
Robles, Benjamin
Rodrigue, Tonnell
Romero, Vincent
Rojas, Maximiliano
Ruiz, Michael
Ruiz Velazquez, Rogelio
Shih, David
Silva, Daniel
Sloan, Matthew
Smith, Quincy
Steele, Troy
Terrazas Meraz, Nolberto
Terzian, John
Valencia, German
Webb, Derek M.
Whitney, Kirk
Wong, Timothy
Yarbrough, Jammal
Zeprea, Solomon

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam November 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aceves, Alejandro
Anwuna, Kingsley
Balarezo, Juan
Bonfilio, Christopher M.
Camarillo, Ruben III.
Carrillo, Jose
Castaneda Garcia, Alexander
Copeland, Danyel
Cuevas, Enrique Jr.
Dicken, Brett T.
Dourte, Ryan
Earle, Matthew
Estrada, Taylor
Fernandez, Miguel A.
Fuentes, Joseph R.
Galan, Andrew J.
Haig, David V.
Hernandez, Victor
Jimenez, William
Kuhfal, Andrew
LeBlanc, Katelyn C.
Luna, Michael
Martinez, Javier J.
Martinez, Noah G.
Martinez, William R.
Mendoza, Joseph
Miller, Chad
Mioc, Alex L.
Munoz, Joseph
Munoz, Marco
Nakashima, Kevin
Noguera, Kevin
Olazabal, Manuel A.
Olmos, Alejandro
Onate, Eric
Parga, Rodolfo
Portillo, Jose
Quarles, Monroe
Randolph, Zachary
Reyes, Angelica
Rodriguez, Jordan
Saw, Ryan
Segura Mejia, Henry
Semo, Todd A.
Sotelo, Agustin Jr.
Streichman, Derek
Tallant, Alexander
Talledo, Robby
Walter, Zachary

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam October 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguirre, Jacob
Ahern, Gregory
Aleman, Juan
Angulo, David
Banuelos, Ernesto
Banuelos, Jonathan
Banuelos Ramirez, Fernando
Boisseranc, Gage
Campbell, Kenneth
Cardenas, Robert
Carrasco, Jorge
Carrillo, Ivan
Eang, Andy
El Imam, Houssam
Ellfeldt, William
Elliott, Nathan
Ellis, Sean
Erales, Eric
Ertas, Leyth
Garcia, Nicholas
Farias, Grant
Gill, Michael
Gutierrez, Daniel
Guzman, Daniel
James II, Jerry
Lopez, Raul
Lozano, Diego
Lozano, Julio
Luna, Andrew
Martinez, Enrique
Morrison, Isaac
Murillo, Miguel
Muszynski, Logan
Nery, Christian
Nunez, Martin
Perez, Calvin
Quevedo, Edwin
Reilly, Kyle
Rodriguez, Jeremy
Rojas, Martin
Romo, Isaiah
Santana, Jesse
Shanks, Benjamin
Tamayo, Robert
Tarin, Denique
Woodman, John

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam September 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguilar, Joshua
Alan, Romeoe
Aleman, Devin
Anderson, Marquis
Aranda, Sebastian
Araujo, Daniel
Bartek, Brandon
Bartholomew, Jacob
Beltran, David
Bixby, Broc
Carrillo, Ernesto
Cervantes, Johnathan
Chrisman, Sean
Clatterbuck, Mark
Congelliere, Richard
Cook, Ernest
Dawson, Edward
Delgado, Lanny
De Los Santos, Robert
Diaz Lopez, Gabriel
Dive, Dardo
Erbes, Robert
Flores, Robert
Gallardo Perez, Juan
Gomez-Rodarte, Jessie
Gomez, Luis
Hernandez, Kevin
Hernandez, Michael
Hightower, Cameron
Jimenez, Matthew
Jordan, Ross
Kang, Andy
Kaplan, Thomas
Kellum, Yelena
Kowlessar, Kavi
Leung, David
Lopez, David
Lopez, Jonathan
Lopez, Rafael
Martinez, Hugo
Martinez, Michael
Marubayashi, Ian
Mercado, Anderw
Mitchell, Dion
Mondares, Aldean
Moore, Daniel
Mora, Michael
Ochoa, Cirilo
Ochoa, Joseph
Pedraza, Raul
Pham, Tom
Preciado, Raul
Ramirez, Enrique
Rettig, Oswaldo
Reynosa, Arana, Romeo
Rodriguez, Juan
Rojano, Edwin
Romero, Moses
Rosales, Diego
Rosas, Jason
Sanchez, Oscar
Sarmiento, Jose
Smith, Jared
Snyder, Nicholas
Stohs, Kyle
Tolin, Alex
Torres, Brand
Torres, Gerardo
Vasquez, Oscar
Vega Maciel, Anthony
Velasquez-Perez, Lucas
Velazquez, Antonio
Villa Flores, Joe
Walker, Jacob
Washington, Tywanna
Watson, Johnte
Wilcox, Jonathan

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam August 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Acosta, Nick
Aguilar, Edward
Aldridge, Cody
Alvarenga, Mario
Babakhanyan, Menua
Balladarez, David
Barragan, Salvador
Bautista, Armando
Bejar, John
Barkert, Kevin
Cabrales, Luis
Carrillo, Christian
Carrillo, Nicolas
Castillo, Eduardo
Cerda, Francisco
Chambers, Alex
Crawford, Kenieth
Del Rio, Ivan
Diaz Guevara, Julio
Edralin, Darius
Escobar, Julio
Esparza, Carlos L.
Ferriola, Brian
Finley, Brett
Galindo, Jose
Garcia Payan, Aaron
Gee, Wesley
Gross, Ryan
Gutierrez, Roberto
Hernandez, Jesse
Kinsey, Jeffrey
Lara, Benjamin
Lopez, Carlos
Love, Robert
MacDonald, Joseph
Magallon, Juan
Mai, Richard
Marroquin, Michael
Martin, Gabriel Mathews, Jeffrey
McGarry, Taylor
Mendenhall, Andrew
Meyers, David
Mincey, James
Miranda, Gabriel
Monterroza, Didier
Moreno, Edward
Myers, Ingrid A.
Nakhla, Ramis
Nario, Joseph
Nunez, Diego
O’Neill, Corey
Pastor, Luis
Peterson, David
Platt, Chase
Quintero, Daniel
Ramirez-Olvera, Alan D.
Ramirez, Eric
Ramirez, Gerardo
Ramos, Pedro
Rios, Juan
Rios, Mark
Riois, Michael
Rodriguez, Charles
Rojas, Juan
Romero, Rigoberto
Rosas, Jacob
Siv, Mary
Soli, Jonathan
Sorto, Andre
St. John, Travis
Thomas, Thaddeus
Tilakamonkul, Alvin
Torres, Dionicio
Vansant, Mitchell
Vesper-Gralnic, Michael
Vivian, Malcolm
Webster, Daniel
Weisberg, Scott
Williams, Keith
Zamorano, Christian
Zarpentine, Andrew

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam May 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguilar, Aurora
Aguirre Romero, Mario
Aldana, Christopher
Alvarado, Rafael C.
Amaya, Orlando
Amaya-Mijares, Matthew
Anaya, Nelson
Arora, Akash
Arriola, Dominique
Ayala, Armando
Bailey, Erik
Bardales, Anna
Barron, Kristian
Bell, Ryan
Benavides Sanchez, Alfonso
Betancourt, Jessie
Bonilla, Sergio
Butler, Kevin
Byrd, Aaron
Caldera, Raul
Callahan-Apana, Jacob
Cameron, Peter
Calvary, Ethan
Cepeda, Cristian
Cervantes, Joseph
Clearwater IV, Robert V.
Chavez, Adrian
Cornejo, Samuel
Cyprian, Alexander
De La Torre, Jose
De Leon, Daniel
Do, Tommy
Duarte, Michael
Dudley, James
Duran, Carlos
Ebora, Edelbertho
Esparza, Angel
Estrada, Jaime
Ezell, Spencer
Fabian, Mario
Ferman, Aaron
Foster, Jackson
Franco, Fabian
Garcia-Barahona, Rafael
Gonzales, Christopher A.
Gonzales, Nickolas
Gonzalez, Joshua
Gray, Edward
Groom, Dereck
Gutierrez, Andrew
Haller, Grant
Hernandez, Allen
Hutcherson, Edenia
Jackson, Brett
Jauregui, Samuel
Johnson, Christina
Johnson, Christopher
Ket, Saak
Littleton, Omar
Madrigal, John
Maldonado, Roberto
Manriquez, Victor
Martinez, Jaime
Martinez, Jonathan
Martinez, Juan
Martinez, Michael
McEntire, John
Mena, Jesus
Mendiola, Enrique
Meteer, Kyler
Montes, Victor
Mora, Domain
Navarrete, Omar
Nelson, Ryan
Nguyen, Khanh
Noori, Hamid
Nunez, Marcos
Nunez-Garcia, Carlos
Nuno Barrios, Miguel
Obando, Ricky
Orozco, Angel
Ortega, Daniel
Ortiz, Ryan
Partida, Sylvester
Pedroza, Gorje
Penn, Marquis
Perez, Alberto
Perez, Ronald Allan R.
Perez-Hermosillo, Angel
Perez Rios, Osiris
Perez-Torres, Miguel
Phan, David
Philip, Vincent
Pilcher, Evan
Pinks, Benjamin
Quirarte, Pedro
Ramirez, Indira
Ramirez, Leopoldo
Ramirez, Mark
Ramirez, Mark
Ramirez, Theresa
Refugio, David
Regalado, Miguel
Resendez, Jaime
Reynoso, Fernando
Reynoso, Ricardo Jr.
Risdall, Jakeb
Rios Salinas, Julio Cesar
Rivera, Adrian
Rochoa-Pena, Luis F.
Romero, Martin
Romero, Sergio
Salgado, Anthony
Sanchez, Pedro
Santacruz, Luis
Sarabia, Heriberto
Scott, Joseph
Sifuentes, Aaron
Skannal, Akili
Smith, Gabriel
Solis, Jose
Soltis, Michelle
Sosa, Carlos
Stewart, Seth
Stump, Joseph
Talamantes, Hector
Tapia, Rocio
Tienda, Albert
Trujillo, Julian
Tzunun-Boc, Marco
Urena, Francisco
Ureno, Daniel
Van Dorn, Dakota
Varner, Tanner
Velasco, Jose
Velazquez, David
Villa, Yvan
Watson, Evan
White, Evan
Zink, Zoe

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam April 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alamillo Jr, Ruben
Alapizco, Alex
Alvarez, Daniel Q.
Ayala, Gilberto
Bargas, Emilio
Brown, Jesse
Bush, Joshua
Buysse, Richard
Caputo, Nicholas
Carmona, Luis
Castaneda, Joseph
Castro, Anthony
Cervantes, Natalie
Chang, Joseph
Chavez, Mario A.
Corano, Chris
Coronado, Jorge
Cretu, Gabriel
De Jesus, Jose
DeLeon, Evander
Delgado, Isaac
Divjak, Sinisa
Dokken, Crystal
Duarte, Luis C. Torres
Escue, Dillon
Floresca, Christopher
Gamboa, Rachel
Gauthier, Anthony
Gonzalez, Juan J. Pedraza
Gonzalez, Brandon
Gonzalez, Edgar
Gupta, Raj
Hatter, Tony
Hernandez, Cristian
Kresluke, Matthew
Lee, Isaak
Licano, Ricardo
Lopez, Neil
Lorenzana, Paul
Lugo, Sergio
Macias, Jason
Maravilla, Rodrigo
Marrujo, Paul
McCully, Toure
Mendoza, Matthew
Mixon, Spencer
Mota, Carlos
Muhammad, Shimir
Nava, David
Obando, Luis Ortega
Orozco, Jose
Palmer, Darius
Pelayo, Cruz
Peraza, Ernie R.
Ramos, Gabriel Jr.
Ramos-Godoy, Manuel
Rendon, Jason
Rios, Anthony
Rivas, Francisco
Rogers, Jerrod
Samayoa, Cesar A
Sandoval, Anthony D.
Sarabia, Brian
Shea, Evan
Sollis, Jorge
Sy, Minh Tung
Torres, Art
Vargas, Adrian
Vena, Tomas
Villapudua, Robert
Woshnak, Glen
Woxland Jr, Michael C.
Xicara, Charly
Zheng, Yaomin

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam February 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Adams, Independence
Becerra, David
Becerra, Noah
Boddie, Dominique
Brooks, Daniel
Camacho, Miguel
Charles, Rickey
Chong, Won
Cisneros, Anthony
Cooper, Bruce
Diaz, Alejandro
Diaz, Jake
Duran, Robert
Esperti, Logan
Frias, Bryan
Garcia, Isac
Gonzalez, Ervin
Graciano, Dovian
Grayson, Julian
Green, Oscar
Hampton, Joseph
Iglecias, Carlos
Limon Acosta, Miguel
Lloyd, April
Lopez, Eloy
Lopez, Manuel
Lopez, Roy
Luna, Everardo
Magana, Daniel
Magana, Joe
Markle, Clay
Martin, Tyler
Mayes, Christopher
Melching Jr., Gregory
Mideiros, Gypsy
Ochoa, Adrian
Ortiz, Geovanni
Perez, Rogelio
Perez, Timothy
Pinto, Isaak
Radich, Saverio
Reading, Stephen
Reategui, Florisa
Reisig, Rayse
Rivas, Ramon
Sanchez, Joseph
Schaffer, Joshua
Segura Camacho, Jonathan
Shaw, Jarrad
Smith, Michael
Sorrells, Godfrey
Spencer, Daniel
Terry, Jeffrey
Thomas, Darnell
Topete, Joel
Torres, Jeffrey
Valle, Ernesto
Vega, Javier
Villalobos, Michael
Werner, James
Yako, Rene
Zamudio, Francisco
Zuniga, Damien

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam January 2019
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Acosta, Samuel
Afra, Yussef
Aikens, Devin
Albarran, Luis
Aleman, Fernie
Alexander, Charles
Arias, Sergio
Arnold, Lester
Arthur, Graeme
Baettig, Gabriel
Barajas, Edgar
Basua, Steven
Baui, Julius
Betha-Walker, J’rdin
Biggs, Brody
Black, Hakim
Blankshan, Kyle
Brown, Troy
Cabral, Juan
Cai, Kevin
Campbell, Danny
Caro, Alberto
Carrillo, Carlos
Castillo, Christopher
Castillo, Jose
Castillo, Louie
Chaiyakul, Joshua
Chung, Alan
Chung, Matthew
Cobos, Gabriel
Coronado, Jose
Covarrubias, Luis
Cox, Chandler
Cruz, Henry
Cuevas, Cameron
Delgado, Ruben
Diaz, Jose
Duarte, Alfredo
Duplessis, Terry
Eloustaz, Tariq
Esparza, Jose
Espinoza, Edwin
Espinoza, Sostenes
Fierson, James
Frutos, Gabriel
Gallegos, Antonio
Garcia, James
Gerritsen, Erick
Goff, Harold
Gomez, Jonathan
Gomez, Jorge
Gonzalez Jr., Hector
Gonzalez, David
Gonzalez, Lucio
Gonzalez, Raymond
Graham, Patrick
Grayson, Sheyonna
Grinden, Garret
Gutierrez, Brandon
Hahn, Paul
Hammonds, Travis
Harris, Colonious
Hart Aaron
Hoelscher, Martin
Holmes, Zachary
Hoover, Spencer
Hunt, Ezekiel
Jackson, Anthony
Jaques, Daniel
Jaras, Luis
Juarez, Efren
Kanter, Matthew
King, Jeremiah
La Placa, Spencer
Landeros, John
Lara, David
Ledezma, Rodrigo
Lee, Daniel
Lepe, Mauricio
Lopez, Belia
Lopez, Jordan
Lopez, Ronald
Lucaci, Brian
Luna, Hugo
MacClellan, Lance
Madrid, Tyler
Magana Jr., Mauricio
Mares, Daniel
Marquez, Salvador
Martin, Jamie
Martin, Michael
McCann, Joshua
Melendez, Walter
Mendez, Carlos
Mendez, Jorge
Mendoza, Christian
Mendoza, Omar
Merrill, John
Mitchell, Hardee
Montero, James
Morales, Sergio
Mueller, Seth
Nunez, Christian
Nunez, Daniel
Okray, Anthony
Olmos, Alberto
Organ, Luke
Ortega, Robin
Ortiz, Jose
Padilla, Joshua
Palmer, Anthony
Pitsenbarger, Clint
Prado, Brandon
Preciado, Anthony
Ramirez, Fernando
Rangel, Ramon
Reyes, Eduardo
Robinson, Mario
Rodriguez, Bobby
Rodriguez, Gabriel
Rodriguez, Jose
Ruano, Michael
Rubio, Michael
Ruz, Luis
Salais, Eddie
Salvador, Mario
Sandoval, Albert
Sandoval, Tomas
Sanz, Jacob
Sobel, Scott
Soto, Christian
Taylor, Dakota
Tolliver, Bruce
Torres, Cristian
Torres, Renzo
Tovar, Humberto
Valladares, Helser
Vega, Jorge
Velasco, Kelly
Velasquez, John
Wiatrowski, Alan
Zuno, Samuel

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam December 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Biggart, Christopher
Camberos, Dimitri
Himes, Harrison
Lee, Kyung
Nivens, Kevin
Perez, Jesus
Rodriguez, Adan
Rodriguez, Vincent
Tariq, Andrew
Vander Mey, Matthew
Wallenberg, Eric
Yuan, Jason
Zavala, Stephen

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam November 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Acosta, Isaac
Afra, Yussef
Alvarado, Jessie
Alvidrez, Jesse
Anderson, Cody
Arellano, Arturo
Arteaga, Juan
Avlasko, Denis
Barragan, Robert
Bautista, Adolfo
Blount, Ayanna
Buescher, Michael
Cainguitan, Jayson
Campos, Kevin
Casas, Camillo
Cervantes, Jesus
Corcoran, Michael
Davis, Alan
Delgadillo, Luis
Delgado, Michael
De Vera, Julian Clyde B.
Eckvahl, Kevin
Englebretson, Dane
Eryan, Samer
Espinoza, Aaron
Gafford, Devin
Gamboa, Patrick
Garcia, Arjay
Garcia, Ricardo
Greenberg, Aaron
Harris, David
Henderson, Daniel
Hernandez, Joab
Hiebert, Victor
Hoffman, Joshua
Iniguez, Jose I.
Jackson, Anthony
Kim, Anthony
Lewis, Michael
Lind, Matthew
Lopez, Marcus
Malbrough, Timothy
Marquez, Anthony
Marquez, Antonio
Martinez, Michael
Martinez, Uriel
Mason, William
Matter, Kelley
Mazzocco, William
McCabe, Mitch
McDermott, Christopher
McMaster, Robyn
Mendez, Jorge
Mendoza, Estefania
Miguel, Daniel
Milner, Jarrett
Mitchell, Jermaine
Moore, Branden
Mora, John
Moriarty, John
Munoz, Steven
Murrillo, Victor
Navarrete, Christian
Nieto, Ben
Nunez, Ivan
Ortiz, Jorge
Orozco, John
Padilla, Tranquilino
Padilla-Lopez, Marcos
Paredes, Edgar
Paredes, Jonathan
Rocca, Jocelyn
Rojas, Christian
Rojas, Rodrigo
Rosales, Jesus
Skolil, Noah
Smith, Conner
Smith, Scott
Spencer, Gavin
Stevens, Cole
Thomas, Jacob
Thomas, Tyler
Tivis, Kenneth
Torres, Daniel
Tran, Thanh T.
Vatcher, Jacob
Worcester, Ethan
Young, Alexander
Zamora, Juan
Zapata, Joshua
Zaragoza, Julio
Zuniga, Ricardo

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam October 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aldama, Pedro
Amparo, Ricardo
Anaya, Alberto
Angle, Cody
Barranco, Raul
Brooks, William
Camacho, Joseph
Castellanos, Justin
Castellanos, Victor
Chaidez, Joaquin
De La Torre, Anthony
Doval, Devon
Frandson, Matthew
Galloway, Damian
Gamez, Marcos
Geeslin, Alexander
Glaspie, Chass
Gonzalez Hernandez, Luis
Gonzalez, Alex
Gutierrez, Enrique
Heredia, Adrian
Hernandez Trinidad, Juan
Hernandez, Fernando
Hernandez, Michael
Hicks, Ronnie
Jones, Deron
Lara, Michael
Lindsey, Carl
Lopez, Brian
Lopez, Luis A
Macias, Ivan
Miranda, Adriane
Morales, Tomas
Nguyen, James
Pantoja, Michael
Parra, Adan
Ramirez, Vincent
Ramos, Marco
Reyes, Victor
Reyna, Osvaldo
Riley, Gerald
Rodriguez, Emmanuel
Rodriguez, Xavier
Ruiz, Alejandro
Salas, Eduardo
Santana, Gerardo
Stone, Casey
Strid, Dylan
Varela, Gonzalo
Williams, Jovann
Yomjinda, Darren

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam September 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Agundez, Nikolas
Alday, Jacobo
Alvarado, Alejandro
Aguilar, Abraham
Carson, Robert
Cortez, Elias
Croom, Joseph
Ellis, Kevin
Franco, Wilmer
Gallo, Julian
Gallardo, Hector
Galvan, Edward
Garcia, Marcus
Gomez, Andres
Gutierrez, Gerardo
Gutierrez, Jorge
Hernandez, Diego
Hernandez, Jonathan
Herrera, Hector
Humphrey, Austin
Lemos, Paul
Lias, Reginald
Liu, Wilber
Lopez-Mendoza, Daniel
Macias, Bryan
Marquez, Eric
Melendez, Michael
Melgoza, Rogelio
McKinney, Brandon
Michalski, Cody
Pastor, Michael
Perez, Jose
Poyner, Matthew
Quach, Allen
Raygoza, Yadira
Rivera, Ryan
Rose, Trevor
Sanchez, Abraham
Sanchez, Eduardo
Sarmento, John Rausan
Schoonhoven, Casey
Soria, Max
Swanson, Evan
Thomas, Basilos
Torres, Armando
Wilber, Corey
Zazueta, Scott

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam August 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Adegbenro, Solomon
Avila, Isaac
Bailey, Cameron
Carter, Camille
Conerly, Devin
Corrales, Juan
Cube, Zachary
Del Toro, Jessie
Dirks, Deon
Dubon, Ivan
Esparza, Hector
Feguson, Casey
Frandson, Matthew
Garcia, Anthony
Garcia, Jose
Gonzalez, Ramon
Hawks, Richard
Hermosillo, Jose
Hernandez, Rudy C
Howard, Christopher
Irussi, John
Kelso, Sean
Laksmond, Niki
La Verde, Trevor
Lopez, Gabriel J
Lopez, Joel
Macias, Jose
Mallory, Philip
Martinez, Francisco
Mena, Gustavo
Mendez, Lucas
Minera, Ramiro
Miramontes, Jose
Montes, Robert
Navarro, Alan
Nelson, Trent
Ortiz, Pedro
Oseguera, Enrique
Polanco, Jonathan
Polk, Ryan
Quinones, Eric
Quintero, William
Rivas, Joshua
Rodriguez, Anthony R
Rodriguez, German
Rodriguez, Juan
Roman, Gregory
Romero, Edson
Salazar, Jesus
Salvador, Jaime
Segura Nogales, Edgar
Sorto, Giovanni
Townsend, Roosevelt
Venegas, Louis
Villegas, Luis
Zenzola, Brandon
Zinzun, Alexis

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam July 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguilera, Hugo
Baker, Timothy
Bayley, Brooke
Benitez, Joseph
Benton, Dante
Boyd, Michael
Campese, Andrew
Carbajal Gonzalez, Eduardo
Erskine, Brian
Escobar, Joseph
Fiebig, Thomas
Fitzgerald, Sean
Flores, Jason
Fonnegra, Eduardo
Forman, D’Kylo
Gallardo, Celso
Garcia, Samantha
Garrido, Luis
Gomez, Edison
Gonzales, William
Ha, Joshua
Haley-Rutherford, Reid
Hansen, Heather
Herrera, Timothy
Huerta, Daniel
Irwin, Steven
Jung, Benjamin
Kalka, David
Keregha, Stanley
Lamberta, Jarred
Lara, Octavio
Lauderback, Brett
Leanos, Sinuhe
Lopez Lugo, Erik
Lopez, Aldo
Malfavon, Jason
Marcotte, Tyler
Marifian, John
Martin, Sergio
Martinez Neria, Eduardo
Martinez, Jesus
Martinez, Rodolfo
McDaniel, Paul
McEntarffer, David
Montenegro, Victor
Munns, Nanita
Naranjo, Ricardo
Ngu, Andrew
Ordonez, Alexander
Padilla, Victor
Palombo, Michael
Partain, Matthew
Paz, Kevin
Pena, Billy
Perez, Christian
Perez, Hugo
Pickering, John
Powers, Brandon
Quinata, Christopher
Rangel, Jared
Rodriguez, Isaac
Rodriguez, Nicholas
Roesch, William
Sanchez, Ramon
Sandoval, Anthony
Sarthou, Richard
Saxe, Matthew
Sosa, Kevin
Stepter, Daevaughn
Tibi, Scott
Torres, Armando
Tovar, Vicente
Tuyor, Nokkie
Vega, Jose
Vera, Oscar
Vizcarra, Manuel
Waite, Jacob
Wilder, Steven
Wingfield, Pierre
Xie, Jacky
Young, Rio

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam June 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alaniz, Danny
Fontan, Rodolph
Garcia, Jose Luis
Guzman, Daniel Alfredo
Kahau, Jason
Langford, Erin David
Marangi, Joseph Christopher
Martinez, Christian
Mckindley, Clare Therese
Mendez, Atzim
Meyers, David
Ochoa, Adrian
Rubio, Ismael Enrique
Underwood, Brett
Valenzuela, Juan
Vigil, Aaron
Virgen, Ramon A
Zuniga Burgara, Brian A

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam May 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Baez, Jessica
Brake, John E
Cabrales, Christian R
Campbell, Shanequa
Castro, Jonathon
Cavin, Peter
Chavez, Braulio
Del Hoyo Torres, Daniel
Dominguez, Roberto
Elias, Anthony R
Espinoza, Pablo
Evangelista, Jerardo
Fantasia, Talon
Ferguson, Justin Parker
Flores, Francisco
Flournoy, Anthony
Fortner, Daniel
Frelo, Patrick
Garcia, Mark
Garrison, Don
Gleason, Benjamin
Glover, Joshua
Gomez, Daniel Anthony
Heng, So
Jacobo Leo
Kawaguchi, Kevin
Kim, Jason jin
Lemaster, Joshua
Lemus, Eduardo
Martinez, Anthony
Meza, Hector
Muniz Jr, Mauro
Orozco, Alexander Michael
Popovic, Phillip
Pulido Jr, Salvador
Raya, David
Rigau, Marco
Rivadeneyra, Javier
Rodriguez, Christopher Magana
Salcedo, Daniel
Sandoval, Edison
Silva, Derrick
Son, Sokpanna Kear
Swavely, Timothy
Tejada, Oscar
Thompson, Donald
Trass, Richard Tony
Tulcan, Samuel
Velazquez, Jorge
Verdugo Ramirez, Eduardo
Verduzco, Carlos
Viramontes, David
Yasuda, Meghan
Zertuche, Joel

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam April 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Akpan, Ubong
Alvarez, Daniel
Araujo, Edward
Araujo, Victor
Armero, Adrian
Barraza, Steven
Barrios, Antonio
Bieszczad, Maciek
Bolaines Flores, Arlex
Carranza, Francisco
Carter, Jacoby
Collett, Matthew R
Collins, Douglas Randolph
Diaz, Oscar
Enriquez, Andrew
Flores, Tom
Francisco, Pedro
Hamalainen, Justin
Hatter, Tony H
Hernandez III, Robert R
Hirsch, Kyle
Hughes, Jean
Jacomo, Joseph
Jacques, Phillip
Jaramillo, Carlos
Jones, Brandon
Jones, Robert
Klickstein, Jared
Kruayai, Jonathan
Lanathoua, Francis
Lavitt, Harley
Lingad, Marcel
McDevitt, Joshua
Moreno, Samuel
Nguyen, Hoang
Perez Hernandez, Lian
Petersen, Zachary
Pham, Jim
Pina, Julian
Price Trulaina
Ramirez, Damian
Rodell, Raymond
Rodriguez, Anthony
Saravia, Lekith
Signorio, Matthew G
Solis, Keneth
Soohoo, Cole
Tang, Terry
Tidwell, Nikoli
Toledo, Alfredo
Torres, Karol
Viktor, Gregory
Williams, James
Wingenorth, Ryan
Woodard, Roderick K
Yu, Allen J

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam March 2018
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aseress Wonderwosun, Shawel
Banuelos Esparza, Omar
Barrera, Jonathan Alexis
Berrios, Kasayen
Burch, David
Casarez, Frankie Chris
Case, Frank J
Cash, Ryan Christopher
Castellanos – Hernandez, John
Cerda, Alonzo
Edwards, Daniel
Escotto, Franco
Gaba, Daniel
Gallegos, Steven R
Gier, Bryn
Gonzalez, Carlos E
Griggs, Michael Lee
Hammond, Kennya
Hernandez, Juan
Hernandez, Juan Carlos
Jovel, Bryan
Klein, Robert
Lopez, Carlos
Lopez, David
Lopez, Erik
Lopez, Ruben
Lwin, Zawmoe
Medina, Armando
Meeks, August Skywalker
Mendia, Michael
Monk, Jonathan
Morelli, Benjamin
Musa, Yousef
Navalta, Marcus
Negrete, Joseph Mark
Padilla, Nathan Francisco
Parker, Cody
Pratter, Jonathan
Rangel-Vazquez, Gustavo
Reyes, Eric
Reyes, Joel
Rodriguez, Ervyn
Rosas, Jacob Yehonatan
Sam, Vay
Sanchez, Daniel Lauro
Sanchez, Emilio
Sierra, Jairo
Szechy, Joseph
Thanarse-Hubbard, Cody Larene
Thornton, Will
Traber, Richard
Valparaiso, Nicholas Katsumi
Velasco, Carmen
Velasquez Gonzales, Jose
Wallace, Jake Andrew
Wiersma, Erik J
Wilkins, Jacob Chandler

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