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Online Applications are Here

After much testing and refining we are pleased to announce the ETI Online Application is available now.
Click here to go to the application.

If you have already applied but failed the entrance exam, please submit an email to let us know you wish to retest.
In the email be sure to include your name, mailing address, phone number and the last four of your SSN. Again include all information listed above.
Click here to submit your email for retest.

What Is Apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeship is a well organized and supervised method which industries use to train people with little or no prior knowledge of a craft or trade, to become capable, qualified craftsmen or journeymen. It is an "earn while you learn program". The "on the job" portion of the training is a full time, well paid job.
  • The apprentices are employed workers. They have a contract which includes regular wage increases and diversified training.
  • You are paid good wages while you learn.
  • You will gain experience using the most modern practices.
  • You will work under the direction of a competent journeyman who will teach you the trade in the shop and at the job site. You will receive close personal attention.
  • You will attend evening classes a minimum of six hours each week to receive technical instruction related to the job. This is one reason for high academic entrance requirements.
  • Your work experience reports, school grades, and attendance will be reviewed by the JATC before each wage increase is granted. (Satisfactory progress results in automatic wage increases.)
  • An opportunity to become a member of the most respected and progressive Union in the Building Construction Trades: The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (lBEW).
  • The opportunity to "earn" a journey level status and certification which is recognized throughout the United States. This journeyman ticket is security for yourself and your family for life!

Five Year Program
The apprenticeship program consists of five years of classroom related study at night. Each apprentice attends a minimum of 160 hours of schooling each of the five years of the apprenticeship. The classes are held at the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees facilities. The classroom related study, coupled with at least 8000 on the job training hours, is a time proven method of graduating a skilled and competent journey level Electrician.

Job Description
The Electrical Construction Trade requires physical effort on the part of the apprentice to do ladder and scaffold climbing, pulling, crawling, crouching, working in cramped or confined quarters and the lifting of 25 to 50 pound objects on a fairly constant schedule. The individual must possess the comprehensive ability to follow specific instructions. Because wiring is frequently keyed in color for connecting purposes, the worker cannot be color blind. Depending on the job, the work may be performed either indoors or outdoors with the major portion of duties being indoors, semi-sheltered, or unfinished buildings.

Future - How Far Can The Apprentice Go?

  • Apprenticeship in the Electrical Construction industry is not a "blind alley" occupation. The apprentice's ability and ambition are the only limiting factors.
  • Apprentices can continue working as Journeymen. Wages and job security for the highly skilled and qualified are increasing.
  • With experience and study, they can become a foreman, superintendent or contractor.
  • They may become a contractor and own their own business. Many of our contractors started their careers as apprentices.
  • There is an increasing demand for Journeymen who are skilled in the installation and maintenance of automatic controls, including industrial electronic circuitry. The apprentice will receive intensive training in these areas.
  • They may qualify themselves for special work with the city, county, state, and federal governments.
  • They may advance to positions of responsibility in their union. There is a great need for excellent union leadership. Union leadership is earned through study, hard work, long hours, experience, service, and a sincere respect for others.
  • They may specialize in labor-management relations.

We Are Selective

  • We are seeking men and women of all races who demonstrate the best characteristics, aptitude, motivation and personality traits conducive to success in our trade. All qualified candidates are interviewed by employers and union representatives in an effort to select the best candidates.
  • A good candidate is one with a record of having done well in school, especially in math and science, one who has demonstrated reliability and a sincere desire to succeed and one who has a positive attitude and desire to work hard.
  • Don't be influenced by those who see the electrical construction trade as an occupation requiring only a strong back and a weak mind. The electrical trades are becoming more technical each day.

With Apprenticeship There Is A Proud Heritage
Apprenticeship is one of the finest opportunities ever offered to anyone anywhere. It should be treated as such. It is granted only to those who are the very best and most worthy. It is a great opportunity to be selected for the apprenticeship. All who are accepted for apprenticeship should understand that they are indebted to an industry which is devoted to their well being. Their respect and loyalty will be to those Journeymen who teach them the trade, the contractors who pay their wages, and to the customers they serve.

IBEW-NECA Completion Rate
Over 94 percent of our apprentices complete the program and have meaningful careers as highly paid journeymen electrical workers. This success rate is virtually unmatched in the electrical industry and testifies to our personal commitment to you.

Government Approved
Our program is registered with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and the Veteran's Administration. Veteran benefits are available if you qualify.

Equal Opportunity Employers
Applicants will be selected based on the highest qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Both males and females are encouraged to make an application.

Terms Used
Journeyman, craftsman, wireman, and lineman are terms used to identify levels of competency, not sex. Females completing apprenticeship are proud of their journey level status in the electrical industry.

Apprenticeship Program Specifications - Qualifications / Wages / How to Apply
Inside Wireman
Transportation Systems
Intercommunication and Sound Industry

ETI Apprenticeship Applications
Online application submission will begin mid Spring 2014.
The written exam will be scheduled after the online application process. Each applicant will be sent an email with instructions prior to the exam. Oral interviews will be scheduled for those who pass the exam.
If you need further information please call 323-221-5881.

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam March 2017
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguayo, Nico
Aguilar, Juan
Agulia, Justin
Arias, Nikalas
Brown, Jerin
Cabalitan, James
Caro, Eduardo
Catuna, Ovidiu
Clayton, Joseph
Cordova, Alfredo
Coverdill, Jayson W
Cuellar, Jonathan
De Leon, Erik
Del Real, Brian
Dive Nogueira, Dardo B
Felix, Alejandro
Fofanah, Lamin D
Fregoso, Vidal D
Godinez, Eduardo
Gray, Natwan
Gutierrez, Jonathan
Gutierrez, Marvin
Guzman, Josue
Hays, Thomas
Hermosillo, Alejandro
Hernandez, Alex
Hernandez, Cesar
Hernandez-Ubario, Gerardo
Hilber, Steven
Holmstedt, J.R. R.
Ibrahim, Nessim
Infante, Calvin
Marble, Joseph
Martinez, Carlos A
Mejia, Luis
Mendoza, Anthony
Mittermeier, Ronn
Nava, Edwin
Navarro-Lopez, Christian
Pena, Jeremy
Perez Gaeta, Eliseo
Quintero, Osbaldo
Ramirez, Mathew
Ramirez, Matthew
Rascon, Emilio
Rasheed, Ali
Raya, Jonathan
Richard, Keith K
Rodriguez, Francisco
Sanford, Jerrell L
Santistevan, Adrian
Splawn, Lance D
Tagano, Gustavo J.
Thomas, Andrew J
Tovar, Alfredo
Tran, Charlie
Wilson, Michael
Yarrow, Robert A.
Zuniga, Ernesto

All dates are subject to change.

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam February 2017
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Acevedo, Joel
Afshar, Yasmin
Aguilar, Giovanni
Aguilar, Jorge
Aguilar, Walter
Aguirre, Angel
Alfaro, Irving
Ali, Suhel
Alvarez, John
Alvarez, Steven
Amsden, Jason
Anchondo, Josh
Angeles, Lorenzo
Anguiano, Angel
Aparicio, Alexander
Barajas, Jacob N
Bautista, Gabriel
Beltran, Adrian A
Bola, Arwin
Cannon, Christopher
Carrera, Robert
Cebrian, Leonel
Clay, Andre D
Collins, Yaree K
Corley, Roger
Cox, Bryant
De La Cruz, Joseph
Delgado, Alexis
Ebacher, Jordan
Esguerra, Samuel
Faulkner, Emmett
Felix, Fernando
Ferguson, Andrew
Fierros, Pedro
Fox, Brandon J
Franco, German
Gastelvm, Irving
Gauna, Luis
Gomez, Jaime
Granillo, Luis R
Greer, Djon L
Guardado, Jorge
Guerrero, Joshua S
Guevara, Jesus
Guillen, Anthony
Gutierrez, David
Han, Jefferson
Handy, Phillip
Haurum-Jensen, Cody
Hendrix, Christopher
Hernandez, Gabriel
Hernandez, Raul
Heyman, Adonis
Hinton, Mark A
Hong, Cindy
Huerta, Matthew
Iezza, Franco
Iraheta, Alex D
Jewell, Nicholas
Jorquez, Danny
Kane, Scott
Lara Cervantes, Amilcar
Leon, Oscar
Lesaca, Christian
Maddox, Roy
Medina, Joel
Melendez, Erick
Mendoza, Mark
Morris, David
Munson, Erik
Nichols, Kevin D
Oncea, William
Orozco, Sergio
Owens, Jacob
Panuco, Enrique
Parham, Keven
Pelley, Christopher
Perez, Mario
Phao, Sea S
Philpot, Craig
Plummer, Trayvon
Rabelo, Jesus
Rea, Wesley
Reese, Patrick
Reveles, Johnny
Rodriguez, Adrian
Rodriguez, Cailum M
Rojas, Michael
Roman, Walter
Romero, Ernest
Saavedra, Alex
Sabino, Anthony
Sadler, Jake
Salazar, Randy J
Schreiber, Conner
Serrano, Joseph
Servi, Jonathon
Servi, Josiah
Shaffer, Shawn
Solis, Johan
Storer, Joshua
Velasquez, Ricardo
Villanueva, Enrique
Waller, Ronald
Young, Scott
Zelayandia, Marvin L

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam January 2017
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alexander, Evan
Alvarez, Jose H
Aranibar, Carlos
Bacchus, Julian
Barrera, Erick A
Bechtol, Timothy
Black, Bryan
Burton, Gerrin
Carlson, Donald
Cerratos, Hugo
Cerritos, Nicholas
Chavez, Pablo
Cornell, Tyler
Cruz, Andrew
Cuevas, Yahir
Davidson, Christian
Diaz, Ruben
Donato, Richard
Elliot, McKay
English, Anthony
Escobedo, David
Fernandez, Adam
Fierros, Ryan J
Flores, Jacob
Flores, Paul
Galstyan, Garik
Garcia, Euriel
Glass, Christian
Gomez Campos, Alexander
Green, Andre T
Grimm, David
Gunn, Michael D
Gutierrez, Daniel
Hernandez Chavez, Luis
Howard, Patrick
Howland, Christopher
Hunter, Stephanie J
Johnson, Travis
Kaehler, Kris
Kelley, Ricardo
Kowlessar, Kavi
Kreyzewski, Christopher
Lara, Gabriel
Levi, Nathan J
Lopez, Rigoberto
Lynn, Patrick
Manalin-Montalvo, Jacob
Manns, Christian
Martinez, Jorge
Martinez-Rodriguez, Jorge A
Melendez, Michael
Miller, David
Minasian, James
Morales, Miguel A
Murrilo, Alfonso
Navarro, Phillip
Nawn, Jonathan
Niagolov, Roumen
Nunez, Jairo
Pagano, Jacob
Perergrina, Luis
Perez, Nicholas A
Perez, Sergio
Ramaker, Steven
Ramirez, Fernando
Ramos, Eric
Reyes, Eduardo E
Reyes, Wilson
Rivas, Jonathan
Rodriguez, Peter
Rogerson, Phillip
Rojas, Hector
Ryan, Marcel P
Segura, Jose A
Segura, Luis
Soriano, Jacqueline
Stankis, Christopher
Suarez, Francisco
Tellis, Edward
Thompson, Leland
Torres, Justin
Trotter, Donald
Waldvogel, Nicholas
Wilcox, Kirk
Willridge, James
Wright, Brent

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam December 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Abassi, Mona
Abbott, Kameron
Aguilar, Alfredo
Aguilar, Jacinto
Amezcua, Brandon
Baca, Nicholas
Barajas, Cipriano
Bass, Daniel
Betancourt, Ivan
Boston, Geddy L
Brooks, Zachary
Bunta, Sandor
Cabanillas, Jesus
Carranza, Daniel
Castillo, Matthew
Cavette, Shawn D
Ceja, Jose E
Chavez, Tavis A
Childress, Andrew F
Clark, Andru
Craig Jr, Allen A
Daneshfar, Jafar
DiDomenico, Micheal
Embree, Thomas
Ferdinand, Dominique
Gallardo, Adrian
Garcia II, Michael Y
Garcia, Esteban E
Garcia, Jason G
Garcia, Luis J
Garcia, Markanthony
Gomez, Isaac
Gonzalez, Daniel A
Gonzalez, Marco A
Gould, Christopher
Gutierrez, Jose
Gutierrez, Vincent
Guzman, Cesar
Heath, Robert
Heslington, Cory
Hodge, Kijana
Hovater, Nick F
Huet, John
Inouye, Jennifer
Lopez Campos, Sergio
Lopez, Jesus
Lopez, Julian S
Luna, Pablo
Marshall, Jaz
Martinez, Luis O
May, Garrett
McCabe, Milo
McGreal, Michael
McLendon, Troy
Medina, Christopher
Melgar, Arturo
Mensinger, Chad A
Michalski, Cody
Molina, Anthony
Moreno, Sergio
Mutakabbir, Malachi
Nguyen, Jimmy
Olivarez, Omar
Ordonez III, Douglas
Osuna Diaz, Jossue
Owens, Markeice
Passarelli, Anthony
Perez, Adam M
Perez, Phillip
Price, Kyle
Puckett, Kyle
Quezada, Jairo
Quintero, Christopher
Rodriguez, David
Rodriguez, Richard
Romero, Yoshio
Ruiz, Francisco
Salcedo, Omar
Saldana, Andres
Sanchez, Enrique
Seay, Christian
Sheatz, Trevor
Smith, Adam
Solis Sandoval, Jose
Tan, John
Thompson, Bret
Torab Eghdami, Abdolreza
Uribe, Jose
Venegas, Matthew
Vigil, Joshua
Williams, Rob P
Zaloudek, Krista
Zazueta, Jonathan
Zwiren, Nicole

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam November 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguirre, Erik
Anderson, Marlon
Barlow, Kristopher
Beaty, Nathan
Bell, Meliba
Belman, Julien
Chooniyom, Saritti
Cordova, Walter
Davis, Daniel
Detiquez, John
Dorado, Alberto
Duarte, Leticia
Duong, Robert
Epps-Lee, Cameron
Farahmand, Andrew
Freund, Dillon
Froio, John
Funes, Eric
Garcia, Daniel
Garcia, Juan
Garcia, Osvaldo
Garcia, Randy
Gomez, Karlo
Grice, Cody
Griley, Matthew
Gutierrez, Hector
Hanan, Ryan
Heit, Travis
Julien, Travis
Kochis, Brian
Leyva, Daniel
Lopez, Gregory
Lopez, Julian
Marroquin, Manuel
Martinez, Ahlan
Martinez, Miguel
Mattner, Nathaniel
Mc Innis, Andrew
Medina, Jon-Paul
Mendoza, Henry
Mendoza, Jose
Miller, Christian
Johnson-Miller, Jerrel
Mitchell, David
Montenegro, Erick
Moore, Actus
Navasardyan, Robert
Negrelli, Angelo
Nicdao, Marc Anthony
Nunez, Raymond
Ojeda, Omar
Lopez-Ortega, Jose
Palacios, David
Palacios, Sergio
Rios, Andrew
Rodas, Jason
Roman, Victor
Romero, Jose N
Solis, Javier
Streichman, Derek
Suarez, Cezar
Torres, Ruben
Trejo, Julio
Tule, Adan
Valenzuela, Edgar
Varela, Michael
Vasconcelos, Evaristo
Vasquez, Andrew
Vitale, Giancarlo
Wang, Zhi
Whitney, Trevor
Williams, Jonathan
Williams Jr, Troy
Wright, Justin

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam October 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguilar, Francisco
Aguirre, Abraham
Alcala, Joseph
Almanza, Manuel
Alonzo Jr, Jesus
Alvarez, Eduardo
Alvarez, Obed
Arana, Jose
Arellano, Alejandro
Avila, Matthew
Avina, Aaron
Banez, Christian S
Bargas, Quentin
Barney, Brandon
Bateman, James
Bell, Hank
Bennett, Keith
Bravo, Oscar
Bunn, Timothy
Burt, Derrion
Bustillo, Jose
Camacho, Joseph
Canales, Dolan
Carpenter, Christopher
Carranza, Misael
Casados, Trevor
Celis, Marty
Cervantes, Roberto
Chavez, Fermin
Chavez, Luis
Chhuor, Anthony
Choo, Brian
Cline, Kevin
Copping, Matthew
Cortes, Jose
Cortez, Cesilio
Coto-Santillan, Jaime
Cowart, Kevin
Curcio, Robert
De Alba, Dominick
De La Torre, Oscar A
Dubois, William
Elsner, Andrew
Eslava, Jeddy
Flores, Eduardo
Flynn, Joseph
Gabriel, Alejandro
Gallegos, Isaac
Gamboa, Jacob A
Garrett, Blake
Gonzalez, Jose
Graffam, Alan
Green, Andre
Guardado, Pedro
Gutierrez, Christopher A
Harrigan, Ryan
Hendershot, Justin
Jaimes, Victor
Jimenez, Kevin F
Juarez, Pablo
Kellogg, Jonathan
Lares, David
Llamas, Alejandro
Llamas, Greg
Lopez, Ernesto
Marin, Alfredo
Marron, Jesse
Martinez, Alejandro
Martinez, Steven
McCray, Remy
McKenzie, Brendan
McKern, Taylor
Medina, Jaime
Medina, Joel
Mendez, Javier
Mendez, Jim Anthony
Mendoza, Jose A
Miranda, Luis
Mock, James M
Montelongo, Steven
Moreno, Rene
Mulvena, Tamara
Mulvihill, John
Munox, Maximilien
Nampumuza, Alden
Nevarez, Jose
Noltensmeier, Brian
Orantes, Rene
Ordonez, Ramon
Ortiz, David
Overholtzer, Justin
Papez, Austin
Perez, Cristian
Perez, Jesus J
Perez, Rogelio
Pessah, Michael
Pimentel, Ivan
Power, Tyler
Price, Eric
Quijada, Robert
Ramirez Jr, Mark
Ramos, Robert
Renteria, Alex
Reza, Robert A
Rivie, Christopher
Roca, Angel
Rodriguez Deleon, Michael
Rodriguez, Jesus G
Rosas, Erick
Rucker, Malik A
Ruiz-Magana, Ever
Salais, Eddie
Saldate, Jose
Sanchez, Daniel L
Sanz, Carlos
Sloat, Harold
Stout, Steven
Suarez, George
Tavizon, Kyle M
Tibbals, Paul Sean
Trevino, Joseph
Valencia, William
Vandewater, Taylor
Vasquez, Luis
Vazquez, Ulises
Verdugo, Jose
Waizenegger, Ryan
Walker, Javonne
Willis, Michael
Xiloj Sandoval, Ludwing
Yllanes, Michael
Zamora, Andrew
Zepeda, Hector
Zhang, Lin
Zimmerman, Kevin

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam September 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Fisher, Mario A
Aiken, Kenan B
Alvarado, Michael
Amparano, Ian
Arevalo, Oscar
Arias, Emilio
Bacon, Dallas
Balavadia, Ryan
Benson, Michael
Blackshear, Tameen
Bribiesca, Ramiro
Brooks, William A
Calderon, Laura
Canada, Xavier
Carbajal, Erasmo
Chavez, Diego
Cienfuegos, Lester
Clay, Camron
Cordero, Luis
Coronado, Timothy
Coronel, Carlos
Doval, Devon
Duran, Joshua
Farnon, Ryan
Fisk, Anthony
Gallegos, Edmundo
Gaston, Patrick R
Gomez-Jaimes, Carlos
Gonzales, Gabriel M
Gonzalez, Sean L
Grewal, Gagandeep
Heaton, Joseph
Hernandez, Jonathan
Holness, Antonio F
Ibarra, Josue
Ibarra, Raul
Imler, Arin
Ingraham, Jason
Jimenez, Daniel
Jones, David P
Kosonoy, Matthew K
La Salle, Tanner
Ly, Huy Q
Madera, Blanca
Madrazo, Ryan
Martinez, Jepthe
McClay, Kyle
Medel, Frank
Medina, David
Miller, David
Mitchell, Tyler
Morgan, John
Mosqueda, Miguel
Munoz, David
Murillo, Alejandro
Nickelberry, Terrence
Norton, Deyonta
Olson, Ryan
Oviedo, Leonel
Palacios, Joiarib A
Parris, Timothy
Pivin, Riley M
Rivera, Matthew
Rosemond, Newella
Sanchez, Ricardo
Solorzano, Omar
Sparks, Christopher
Suriano, Irwin
Ulloa, Priscilla
Urbano, Jose Mari R
Valdez, Mario
Valenzuela, Hector
Walter, Dallas
Williams, Dorian D
Worley, Cody
Wu, Xianliang

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam August 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alejandre, Edgardo
Anderson, Ahmad Jamahl
Arreola, Leonardo A
Batres, Edward M
Bell, Cheyenne
Berumen, Stacy R
Blackwell, Marshon A
Borja, Daniel
Brinsley, Christopher C
Calderon, Adam
Calderon, Cristian A
Canonge, Reuben
Choi, Eric S
Contreras, Arturo
Davis, Joseph M
De Leon, David
Flores, Manuel H
Galda, Robert J
Games, Gino M
Garcia, Andres
Garcia, Vincent
Gensheer, Brad
Gonzalez, Francisco
Gonzalez, Victor
Grana, Chad
Granados, Bryan
Guerrero, Andrew
Gutierrez, Erny
Guzman, Christian S
Hernandez, Jesse
Hicks, Brandon
Holzboog, Jonathan
Horne, Selene
Iniguez, Gino
Knight, Steven
Lablanc, Briana
Lombard, Chase
Lopez Jr, Henry
Lopez, Alan
Maravilla, David
Martinez, Luis A
Martinez, Ryan
Morales, Mario
Moran, Anderson
Moran, Hector I
Moran, James
Mu, Chao
Prieto, Eric
Retamosa, Johnny
Rivas, Jonathan
Rodriguez, Jorge
Sabouri, Soheil
Santana, Manuel E
Soto, Eliezer
Soukaphay, Brian
Vandercapellen, Darren
Varnado, Kenneth L
Vega, James
Velasquez, Armando
Yee, Hoi Yan
Zendejas, Mark

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam July 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Abowaar, Brian
Aikens, Devin
Alvarado, Jonathan
Argott, Alfonso
Barnes, Reginald
Beissel, David
Cabadas, Hector
Carnighan, Michael
Castro, Florencio
Chandler, Ray
Chapman, Bruce
Chatterton, Michael
Choi, Teddy
Chui, Timothy
Covell, Blake
Crews, Riley Patrick
Crockett, Desmond
De Leon, Joseph
Diaz, Jose
DuChateau, Jeff
Espinoza, Stephanie
Flores, Luis
Folsom, Leslie
Gaitan, Louis
Galindo, Michael D
Gonzalez, Bryan
Gonzalez, Estevan
Gonzalez, Rick
Guerrero, Anthony
Huerta, Jose V
Ii, Kuni
Johnson, Donald
Johnson, Michael
Kimzey, Casey
Kwan, Chee Hang
Lengson, Julien
Macedo, Leo
Mancera, Hernan
Martin, Karl
Martinez Rodriguez, Rigoberto
McCall, Tyler
Mendoza, Francisco
Mireles, Israel
Monti, Nicholas
Munoz, Matthew
Nisperos, Sean
Obeso, Jeremy
Olaechea, Michael
Olmos, Armando
Piedra, Christopher
Pineda, Erick
Ponce, David
Ramirez, Jeremiah
Ramos, Javier
Rivera, Harold
Robbins, Seth
Romero, Ricardo
Sabery, Sasan
Salcedo, Manuel
Samaniego, Albert
Sandoval, Bernardino
Sandoval, Salvador
Scott, Joseph
Seki, Shunpei
Stellpflue, Casey
Thompson, Keilan D
Torres, Angel A
Toscano, Francisco
Trautt, Jess
Trias, Earl
Tucci, Valerie
Tucker, Derald J
Van Aagten, Christopher A
Vanderlinden, Jacob
Vargas, Mynor
Williams, Gyasi
Yglesias, Robert

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam June 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alvarado, Alfredo
Armenta, Israel
Asebez Torres, Moises
Avila, Ron
Bahena, Jose
Bardales, Anthony
Bautista, Carlos
Bernal, Juan
Carranza, Ray
Carroll, Dillon
Cason, Theo
Chavez, Jacob
Cortes, Juan
De La Cruz, Romulo M
Del Toro, Salvador
Dena, Thomas
Dunn, James
Espinoza, Cristian A
Espinoza, Fabian
Flores, Cesar
Flores, Sarai
Fox, Jake
Fuentes-Macias, Javier
Garay, Rodolfo
Garcia, Alejandro
Garcia, Daniel
Gilley, Christopher L
Gomez, Joseph
Gonzales, Phillip
Griffin, Travis
Hernandez, William
Hills, Ian
Ibarra, Jose
Jimenez, David
Johnson, Ckentrell L
Karapetyan, Andranik
Ko, Roy S
Lee, Neville
Lopez-Holguin, Osvaldo
Marley, Theodore
Munoz, Daniel
Najjar, Tom
Nunez Rodriguez, Jaciel
Olivos Perez, Jorge
Pajarito, Christian
Palacios, Christian A
Parker, Roy B
Perrett, Stephen
Ponce, Martin
Rascon, Eric
Rasmussen, Benjamin
Robinson, Anthony D
Rodarte, Leonardo
Rodriguez, Celso
Rodriguez, Robert D
Rojas, Edgar
Ross, Brandin L
Ross, Craig
Ruiz, Manuel
Saenz, Mauricio M
Santiago, Antonio D
Shin, Frank
Sierra, Robert
Torrez, Alan
Villanueva, Lee
Vossler, Paul
Wang, Alexander
Whyte, Juan Carlos
Woods, Matthew
Yates, james
Zachar, Jacob

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam in May 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguilar, Carlos A
Aguilar, Liliana E
Aguirre, David
Aguirre, Jesus
Appleby, Kevin
Arellano, Alejandro
Arens, Nicholas
Barrera, Ricardo
Barrios, Josue J
Beasley, Malachi
Bowden, Chris
Briones, Omar
Cadena, Miguel
Calderon, Carlos A
Camarillo, Cody
Cervantes, Jeffrey
Clutchette, Fleeta
Coronado, Erick A
Daniels, Eric
Davila, Richard
Dexter, Tillman
Dhanifu, Elijah
Escalera, Irvin D
Espinoza, Christian
Garner, Robert
Gawith, Wendy
Gi, Noelani
Gill, Donte
Goodwin, Cory
Hart, Joshua
Hernandez, Armando
Hillhouse, Brent
Ho, Tung
Jauregui, Victor
Jimenez, Alphonso
Johnson, Joshua
Kamau, Richard
Kim, Eugene
Leos, Justin
Lopez Bravo, Ruben
Lopez, Hector
Lopez, Juan J
Lopez, Raymundo
Luna Arellano, Carlos
Lynn, Sean P
Maldonado, Alejandro
Markaryan, Gevork
Martinez Jr, Joseph C
Martinez, Gerardo M
Martinez, Ivan
Maupin, Ryan
McCabe, Ryan
Medina, Daniel
Mejia, Marvin A
Miller, Kai
Murdock, Jason
Navarro, Alfredo
Navarro, Omar
Nicholson, Rory A
O’Donnell, Jason M
Oliver, Michael
Ordonez, Michelle
Panduro, Edgar
Pena, Alissandro
Pena, Jonathan E
Peralta, Paul
Pimienta, Jason
Quintero, Jose
Ramirez, Eduardo
Ramirez, Fernando
Ramos, Adam
Rivera, Alexander R
Rodarte, Rodrigo
Rosales, Juan Carlos
Salnick, Neil
Sanchez, Joseph
Sanchez, Justin
Santos, Daniel
Sawyers, Michael
Scorza, Brandon S
Simon, Jerahmia
Smearman, Timothy
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Ryan
Smith, Scott B
Thai, Hung
Togores, Bobby
Valen, Veselin
Weaver, Jonathan
Ying, Victor
Yustman, Christian

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam April 23, 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Agee, Ronald
Aguilar, Luis
Arana, Albert
Barron, Ray
Bible, Trevor
Bidgoli, Nema G
Bierman, Arden
Canel, Kevin
Carballo, Salvador
Carpenter, Beau
Castellon, Arturo
Chang, Joshua
Cuellar, Samuel
Delacruz Jr, Faustino
Dominguez, Eduardo
Flores, Andres
Flores, Miko
Fogarty-Giello, Sean
Gerritsen, Erick
Gomez, Gabriel
Gomez, Milton
Hall, Alexander
Hew, Louis
Ledezma, Jordan
Lewis, James
Livingston, Nicholas
Love, G Keondrae
Marks, Tyrin
Martinez, Jose
Michel, Alex
Navarrete Perez, Carlos
Nguyen, Tuan
Noonan, Andrew
Olmedo, Andrew
Oropeza, Christopher
Ortiz, Luis
Pankratz, Matthew
Perry, Glen
Quinonez, Juan A
Ramos, Anthony
Rivas Brug, Ludwig
Rivera, Jose
Rivera, Kevin
Quathamer, Garrett
Rodriguez, Josue
Rubio, Fernando A
Spellman, David
Stevens, Forrest
Torres, Claudio
Winters, Juan

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam April 12, 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Charles, Stanley E
Contreras, Michael A
Cuellar, Rose
Durant, Travis O
Flores, Eric
Garcia, Andrew
Gomer, Nicholas D
Guerrero, Diego J
Harper, Brett C
Hatfield, Jonathan R
Jimenez Rodas, Elmer E
Ledesma, Gilbert
Magana, Edgar S
Montelongo, Robert
Montero, Eric I
Oviedo, Daniel A
Reyes, Alexis A
Reynolds, Manuel A
Schulte, Paul B
Serrano, Brian J
Villa, Angel
Zamora, Sergio I

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam March 19, 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Adamson, Christian
Aguayo, Steve
Ahle, Gregory
Allotey, Michael
Amezcua, Eduardo
Barton, Eric
Bayandorian, Aris
Brogdon, Monica
Chavez Sanchez, Rosendo
Contreras, Ernest
Davila, Alexander
Davis, Ryan
Diaz, Alfredo
Donoho, Edwin
Doose, Michael
Fuller, Marquise
Garcia, Aaron
Glasshoff, Dakota
Gonzalez, Ruben
Gonzalez, Samuel
Goodman, Denzel
Grotke, Galt
Gump, Austin
Gutierrez, Hugo
Haerle, Matthew
Harris, Anthony
Hernandez, Jahiro
Iglecias, Carlos
Leahy, Robert
Legorreta, Hector
Lindo, Demonta
Llanos, Jose
Lockett, Jeffrey
Lopez, Raul
Macias, Adrian
Maldonado, Manuel
Mayorga, Phillip
McClain, Richard
Naillieux, Justin
Nakano, Drew
Ortiz, Roberto
Padilla, Gabriel
Papson, James
Perez, Paulin
Puga, Joseph
Rivera, Denny
Rodriguez, Gilberto
Rogers, Craigg
Romero, William
Silva Jr, Sergio
Tejeda, Ryan
Tishler, Michael
Todd, Jeremy
Todorovic, Stevan
Valdes, Joseph
Wendorf, Charles
Williams, Luke
Zavala, Eduardo

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam March 15, 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alcantar, Jesse D
Cammack, Connor J
Cervantes, Juan M
Cuellar, Robert E
Gandy, Ryan S
Hernandez, Homer J
Hoyt, Timothy J
Lange, Toney J
Overholtzer, Alicia V
Parraalavarez, Jesus G
Sanchez, Paul J
Sandoval Perez, Ricardo
Tarango, Eddie

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam February 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Alfaro, Edward
Amarillas, Hector
Antunez Palacios, Pedro
Attebery, Christopher
Baker, Travis
Banuelos, Aldo
Bastida, Edward
Bowens, Timothy
Burnham, John
Burrows, Ryan
Campos, Christian
Cannon, Anthony
Cantrell, Stephen
Chon, Calvin
Clark, Chadrin
Cooper, Brian
Cruz, Andrew
Cuen, Andrew
Diaz, Diego
Esparza, Hilario
Esqueda, Anthony
Fernstrom, Andrew
Fofanah, Lamin
Galan, Guillermo
Gallegos, Norberto
Garcia, John
Garcia, Ryan
Gonzalez, Jaime
Gooden, Victor M
Graham, Keith
Gruner, Melissa
Guzman, Jason
Harrington, John
Harris, Ryan
Henson, Deorae
Hernandez, Saul J
Howard, Robet
Ibarra, Angel
Infante, Calvin
Jones, Ashanea
Lazaro, Andy
Lett, Clinton
Linares, Miguel
Link, David
Marin, Jonathan
Martin, Cameron
Martinez, Anthony
Meeks, Jason
Miranda, Aaron
Morgan, Brandon
Munguia, German
Nguyen, Vinh
Nunez, Leandro
Ochoa, Adrian
Ochoa, Isaac
Ornelas, Diego
Parra, Ryan
Paz, Alberto
Perez, Juan
Rivas, Kevin
Romero, Joshua
Rotherham, Matthew
Sanchez, Ethan
Sandoval, Fabiola
Santana, Eric
Saucedo, Alexis
Seda, Edgar
Segura, William
Shepard, Mick
Simiano, Reggie
Spano, Giorgio
Tanaka, Evan
Tauber, Jonas
Terrazas, David
Tu, Herman
Valdovinos, Jordan
Vasquez, Andres
Velazquez, Diego
Winn, Drew

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam January 23, 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aguayo, Justin
Alvarado, Andres
Argueta, Werner
Almengor, Boris
Ball, Dana
Bellew, Chance
Campos, Roberto
Castaneda, Joseph
Cebrian, Leonel
Cooper, Errol
Cruz Jr., Gerardo
Davies, Taylor
Davis, Andrew
Detorre, Christopher
Diaz, Manuel
Dwyer, Timothy
Engle, Gregory
Galicia, Joseph
Garcia, Rigoberto
Guerra, Gabriel
Gurrola, Oscar
Hamm, Levi
Hammond, Richard
Holguin, Michael
Hwang, Steve
Jimenez, Aldo
Jimenez, David
Johnson, Mitchell
Johnson, Trevor
Jones, Lalita
Kalagi, Sam
Lopez, Fernando
Lopez, Isabel
Lopez, Romeo
MacCaskey, Andrew
Mendoza, Jesus
Metcalfe, Michael
Meza, Edwin
Oliver, Julius
Ortega, Juan Carlos
Park, Andrew
Parra, Jairo
Rea, Alberto
Reisinger, Joshua
Reynolds, Christopher
Rodriguez, Juan
Rojas, Bruno
Seay, James
Shin, Dong Ha
Tchang, Bryan
Tillear, Corinthian
Tso, Christopher
Valadez, Jose
Velasquez, Gordon
York, Dylan
Zwirn, Aaron

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam January 20, 2016
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Brown, Richard A
Carrion, Marcel L
Harris, Jacob M
Jimenez Jr, Jaime
Jimenez, Ernesto
Medina, David E
Meredith, Jacob R
Peniche, Luis R
Rocha, Javier R
Villalvazo, Mark A

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam in December 2015
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Aki, William
Alvarado III, Pedro
Anaya, Antonio
Andrew, Justin
Bautista, Mario O
Brisco, Cameille
Carrillo, Jesus
Champlin, Kenneth
Connors, Andrew
De La Cruz, Erwin
Delgadillo, Marko
Eryan, Samer
Espinal, Martin
Gonzalez, Dane
Gonzalez, Jose
Granados, Ruben
Holland, Marques
Kalar, Ryan
Marquez, Harvey
Mesa, Jeovany
Monacelli, Brent M
Montgomery, Alexander
Moorhead, David
Orellana, Carlos F
Pantaleon, Israel
Perkins, Andrew
Robbins, Nathan
Rodriguez, Jesus
Rosete, Giovanni
Smith, Justin
Soto, Andres
Tran, Anh
Tuiasosopo, Andrew
Valente, Rigoberto
Villapudua, Arcenio
Viramontes, Eduardo
Virgen, Luis
Vo, Anh K
Watson, Dustin
Weldegebreal, Samuel
Williams, Chrisshaunn
Williams, Joshua
Zaragoza, Jonathan

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam November 14, 2015
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Abellanosa, Philip
Acosta, David
Barahona, Manuel
Bastuba, Adam
Bolanos, Alex
Boyd, Michael
Britt, Taylor
Camaret, Patrick
Carbajo, Dennis
Castillo, James
Cornejo, Armando
Corre, Brian
Cortes, Bryan
Covarrubias, Salvador
Dickey, Chris
Everitt, Devin
Fadel, Charles
Flancia, Paul
Flores, Alfonso
Flores, Roberto
Galvez, John
Gomez, Christian
Grego, Nathan
Gutierrez, David
Hill, Andrew
Hoffman, Trevor
Hrezo, Christopher
Hurley, Carlos
Koh, Katherine
Jauregui, George
Magdaleno, Alberto
Mansilla, Marco
Minamora, Jason
Mora, Jesse
Moreno, Edward
Muniz, Isaac
Muniz, Joseph
Orona, Rudy
Ortega, Christian
Palacios, Rafael
Phan, Long
Rebolloso, Steven
Reyes, Justin
Schick, Reiner
Sierra, Rafael
Sosa, Franklin
Tippets, Travis
Tovar, Luis
Tse, Romand
Valenzuela, Jose
Velasquez, Marcos
Yanez, Ignacio
Yanez, Ricardo
Zamora, Ruben
Zaragoza, Jose

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam November 6, 2015
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Arias, Mariano
Caesar, Courtney S
Magana, Johnny
Marcelin, Michael
McGregor, Mark
Miranda, Jorge
Puckett, Christina
Tejeda, Roberto
Toledo, Anthony
Valles, Ricardo

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam October 20, 2015
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Capetillo, Misael
Figueroa, Richard A
Geber, Aaron J
Ruano, Michael A
Salcido, Jose I
Tellis, Edward D

List of applicants who passed the entrance exam October 17, 2015
Each applicant will be notified by email when they are scheduled for an interview.

Abuhadba, Aoday
Acosta, Ronnie
Bacani, Anthony
Benitez, Darwin
Brakensiek, Matthew
Carter, Amber
Castaneda, Freddy
Chandler, Gabriel
Davis, Sheldon
Diaz, Roberto
Echeverra, David
Gann, Corey
Gomez, David
Gonzalez, Drew
Gotanda, Dan
Gutierrez, Brandon
Haro, Ezequiel
Hasak, Joseph
Isozaki, John
Jacobo, Jason
Johnson, Christopher
Kaneshiro, David
Lares, Manuel
Larsen Jedidiah
Lopez, Cristian
Lopez, Giovanni
Lynn, Sean
Malikov, Mansur
Medina, Fernando
Montjoy, Mike
Montoya, Kevin
Mora, Alan
Page, Joseph
Park, Eric
Parra, Michael
Patterson, Wayne
Pickett, Freddy
Pinto, Ernesto
Raygoza, Abraham
Reid, Semmie
Rembert, David
Rodgers, Bobby
Rodriguez, Adrien
Rodriguez, Edward
Rodriguez, Roberto
Santos, Daniel
St. Pierre, Asher
Todd, Donovan
Tow, Eric
Varela, Larry
Viera, Gonzalo

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